DESOMEDIA CAR - mobile LED screen

DesoMedia car grants you two large LED screens with your commercials driving or standing anywhere you want it to. It is possible to just let it drive through the streets and stopping only on a places with a lot of traffic. You can present your company on a fairs and then welcome fans in front of a hockey arena. Make the first step to your customers!

Technical description



LED screens
We know that great screen resolution is very important. That is why our screens have 10mm pixel spacing which is the best spacing within all other mobile screens in Europe.


Pixel spacing:                     10 mm
Screen width:                     3 620 mm
Screen height:                     1 920 mm
Min. viewing distance:         5 m
Max. viewing distance:        300 m
Horizontal viewing angle:    130°
Vertical viewing angle:         160°

There are speakers on the car that ensure awesome background sound. We provide microphones for people who want to moderate their own shows. Because of this feature there is no problem of using our car on live shows where you need also a great sound in addition to the great screen quality.


GPS locator and online camera
Our GPS video-monitoring will definitely make an impression on you. It is not only tracing a point on the map, but thanks to camera placed on the car you can also watch other three very important things. More information is available here:

“You just cannot miss a car with two large TV screens“


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