Utilization of mobile advertisement


Mobile LED large screen

Do you want LED Screens with your advertisement to be cruising down the city the whole day, or do you want them stay at one place and then move on? Do you want them going around the roundabout the whole day?… These are mobile LED Screens!

Stationary large screen

Do you want a LED screen to be standing at a local hockey arena? Do you want a screen with your advertisement to stand in overcrowded ski resorts? Would you like to have your LED screen advertisement anywhere along the road or highway? … Once again the advantage of the mobile screen

Trade fairs

Are you standing out among other companies? So why not to show it on a Large Screen right in front of the exhibition grounds building, so that everyone can see it? Or you can attract attention through our indoor mobile screens right inside of the exhibition building. Originality is the key! Every company at the fair needs to come across as a prestigious one. Our LED screens are guaranteed to present your company in an original way.

Promote actions

Our car with two large LED screens, great sound, three microphones and awesome design will definitely make your company more representative.

Live show
Our screens come with professional sound systems and are equipped with microphones for hosts which makes them brilliant for live shows, where the large screen image needs to be accompanied by high quality sound.the screening needs to have also a powerful sound.

Concerts, sporting events and other social events

LED large screens on a colored car or trailer with a perfect sound system just cannot be overlooked or not heard.


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